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Bringing hope to the lost, broken hearted and rejected.

We provide acceptance, inner healing and fellowship.



Faith-based lay Christian counseling. Counselors are certified through GSM’s three-year counselor training program. We provide counseling for individuals, couples and families.



If you would like to become a GSM-certified counselor, the Pendleton GSM office offers the first year of the Counselor Training Certification program.



GSM offers several events, including Family Camp,  counselor training and biblical-based programs throughout the year.



The story of Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) started over forty years ago in 1976. Then school teacher Bettie Mitchell traveled on a biblical archeology tour to the ancient sites near present day Iraq. While she was on the ancient wall of Nineveh, she heard the voice of the Lord call her to quit her job and spend the rest of her life teaching nothing but the Kingdom of God. Bettie began GSM out of her home, and today the international headquarters is located in Beaverton, OR.

The Pendleton GSM office is one of the ministries' footprints around the world. The office opened and began offering Christian counseling in 1993...


PO Box 97

Athena, OR 97813

(541) 276-6671

For counseling inquiries, call

(509) 529-2322

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